DPA’s Volunteer Training Session

At the Disabled People’s Association (DPA), we recognise the importance of training our volunteers to prepare them for their role with us! Understanding that with a diversity of volunteers and the variety of roles and activities they undertake, our training always seeks to provide them with a broad range of skills to not only be competent, but also confident in their supporting roles.

On 15 July 2017, DPA conducted a Volunteer Training Session for our volunteers in order to equip them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude to work effectively with persons with disabilities, caregivers, volunteers, and the public. The training was a great learning experience for all volunteers who attended!

Informational and interactive sessions offered participating volunteers a unique opportunity to personally interact with, and learn from our Inclusion Ambassadors. Inclusion Ambassadors Aisha Ibrahim, Kagda Sakina and Rosie Wong shared valuable insights and answered the varying questions presented to them by the volunteers. Experiential activities helped the volunteers to understand the needs and concerns of persons with disabilities better.

A special crafting session was also incorporated into our Volunteer Training this time. Laughter and colours filled our premises as volunteers, together with our Inclusion Ambassadors, worked hand in hand to create marble mugs, canvas paintings, braille bookmarks and customised notebooks. Through art, the spirit of inclusion lit up the atmosphere and warmed our hearts.

DPA appreciates all our volunteers and recognises their time and contributions! Our volunteers are advocates of inclusion and representatives of DPA at programs and events. Their volunteer experience directly impacts the way in which they represent or personify DPA and its mission – To be the voice of persons with disabilities, working with them to achieve full participation and equal status in society through independent living. Together with our volunteers, we celebrate inclusion and appreciate their contributions in our journey together.


Interested in joining DPA as a volunteer? Sign up here.

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