Let us walk the talk on inclusiveness

Today Online, 16 February 2017


Campaigns are a great way to remind us of things that must be done, but they can do only so much to reach out (“New campaign focuses on greater acceptance for people with disabilities”; Feb 11).

What happens after a campaign has run its course? Let us look at other attempts to make Singapore more inclusive.

What has the Purple Parade done to achieve awareness and inclusivity? What have people done after going to the parade? Was it only a one-day event for them?

At last year’s National Day Parade, it was wonderful when we signed in unison with Count on Me, Singapore. What have we done since then? Was it only for that moment?

In terms of employment matters, our biggest employers should lead the way. I am hopeful the Budget will lean towards that.

My view is that the changing of mindsets is crucial. Besides starting our children young, it would be good to have contact or friendships with those who are different.

If one has a friend who is different, one may appreciate the challenges he faces and be empathetic towards differences.

Let us not only talk about campaigns, acceptance and whatnot but also walk the talk and do something that would help us appreciate people who are different, and maybe we would see things from their viewpoint.

Acceptance and inclusiveness may then come automatically.


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