Keep Calm And Give Way

By Alvan Yap


Sign on the ground in front of lift at Boon Lay MRT station. (Photo by Alvan/DPA)

I’m a commuter – one of the teeming, huddled masses who takes the MRT and bus to work daily. And I find myself somewhat of an oddity in that, unlike almost everyone else, I don’t rush for the queue (if there is one), nor bustle and barge my way in and blocking the path of the exiting passengers.

I always wait till the last passenger who wants to alight has done so, before I even try to enter the bus/train/lift (the rare times I take one). What I do is nothing commendable or exceptional or out of the norm. Really, it shouldn’t be. But, sadly, it is.

What makes us so kanchiong, so kiasu, so impatient? We have the usual reasons, excuses and justifications. And these, I think, might be linked to and influence indirectly how we treat the more vulnerable among us in society.

We talk so much about a gracious and inclusive society. So let us take a simple step to make it happen, or, rather, by refraining from taking that step in certain circumstances.

Please give way.


Maybe this should be displayed instead for the unnecessarily kanchiong folks. (Made by Alvan using


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